2010  – December 28th, 2021

  • 2010
  • 11 hh
  • Miniature Pony
  • Gelding

On December 28th 2021, we said a devastating goodbye to our adorable little Nugget due to a tragic accident, he came to Kuruka in 2015 as a severely neglected and abuse horse who was scared of everyone. We had to treat his severely overgrown feet and once we did and got him outside no one could catch him again. Brooke started to work with him sitting with him for hours until trust finally started to build, she is also the one who named him (based on Chicken Nuggets). Nugget was well loved by many at the farm but especially by Brooke. He became the sweetest little guy who was a favorite for riders to dress up at our Halloween show and loved his little people (mostly because they were the same height as him).


You came into my life in 2015 and have been a big part in who I am, being an equestrian is not all about riding and I learned so much from you. Working with you and watching you grow into the best pony in the world. Loved by everyone who met you, your funny personality and floppy mohawk – every little kids eyes would light up seeing a pony that small, let alone them finding out your name was Nugget. As I sat with him today as he took his last breath, I told him to go and finally eat all the grass he wants now, and I know you’re already running around up there kicking up your little feet. ❤️ Thank you Angela for bringing him into my life?

Nugget, I love you forever Rest In Peace Little Man ? ” – Brooke