“Mischief Un- Managed “

  • 2019
  • 14.1 hh
  • Welsh Cross
  • Gelding

Jimmy arrived at Kuruka on November 1, 2022. As a Gelding with only six weeks under saddle, Jimmy was purchased by his current owner, young Paisley. Paisley has been very fortunate to have the assistance of Barn Manager/Trainer, Julia to bring him along in his training. Together, and with the wonderful coaches at Kuruka Equestrian, they have progressed by leaps and bounds! After advancing far quicker than we’d ever expected, Jimmy tackled his first schooling show series (Carrot & Stick), helping Paisley earn a second place ribbon overall in the ‘C’ Equitation division, and a seventh place ribbon overall in the Cross Rail Hunter division (competing in 4 of 5 series shows).

To add to the excitement of Paisley’s first year of horse ownership, she watched Julia and Jimmy compete in the Sport Pony Star Search at the Great Northern Exhibition, bringing home three ribbons, including a first place in the Dressage Suitability class, thereby qualifying for the 2023 Royal Winter Fair. Continuing to impress us, in November of 2023, Jimmy and Julia placed third at the Royal! Jimmy continues to take everything in stride and we are so incredibly proud of what a wonderful pony he has proven himself to be. Paisley looks forward to competing with Jimmy in the North Zone Silver Series during the 2024 show season. Until then, we continue to enjoy every minute with the young, playful, goofy Jimmy that we have come to know and love, with his bottomless belly and endless desire for affection (even if it’s from the barn cats ?).

“Jimmy is so loved and adored by Paisley & the Kuchurean Family”