Our Show Teams

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Our Show Teams

Over the years Kuruka Equestrian has attended many shows with our show teams! With the variety of show series we attend there is a show circuit for any level rider.


2018 Team

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Trillium Team

Claire & Pirate ” X Marks The Spot”

Tiffany & Tommy ” Stuart Little”

Dara & Paddington ” Sincerely Yours”

Emily & Sheldon ” String Theory”

Azzy & Apollo ” Footloose”

Kaitlyn & Pebbles ” Simply Irresistible”

Shelby & B ” Queen B”


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Bronze Team

Kristen & Piper – ” Picture Perfect”

Stephanie & Kalli ” Canada’s Gold Rush”

Brooklyn & Winchester “Supernatural”

Lily & Zephyer “Under The Spotlight”

Sophie & Dancer “Dance With Me”

Alayna & Piper ” Picture Perfect”

Brooke & China “China Doll”

Chloe & Dublin “Irish Gentleman”

Aidan & China ” China Doll”

Katie & Cash ” Blue up in Smoke”

Stephanie & Dublin “Irish Gentleman”

Bronze Dressage Team

Dara & Sam ” Sam I Am”

Stephanie & Kallie ” Canada’s Gold Rush”

Dakota & Cash ” Blue Up In Smoke”

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Schooling Team

Bella & Lincoln – 2’3ft Jumpers

Holly & Lincoln – Lead Line

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Author: Kuruka

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