I need to go over some “HOUSEKEEPING” reminders so we can keep the barn clean and everything working as it should.

1. PLEASE DUMP THE WHEELBARROW IF YOU PUT MANURE IN IT. The wheelbarrow is there for you to bring the manure to the manure pile. Please don’t leave it in the wheelbarrow. With cold weather approaching, if left in the wheelbarrow, the manure will freeze and be very difficult to remove. Cleaning up after your horse is your responsibility, not barn staff and volunteers. We are planning on improving the pathway to the manure and to make it more visible.

2. PLEASE CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF AND LEAVE THINGS AS YOU FOUND THEM. Please make sure to put all equipment away where it belongs. If you move Kuruka equipment please put it back where it belongs. All work areas need to be clean when you leave.

3. DO NOT PUT MUD, MANURE OR HAIR DOWN THE DRAIN. The barn drain is getting clogged already. It was just cleaned in the summer. This means that people are washing mud, manure and hair down the drain. Please use the broom and shovel to pick up manure, mud and hair. Do not wash it down the drain. This is especially important right now when it is very muddy.